"A room without books is like a body without a soul."-Cicero

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I was born in Cite Soleil, Haiti on November 6, 1992 but I was raised in the capital Port-au-Prince. My mother died when I was just six years old, I was raised by her sisters, my grandmother and my father. I am the only child of my mother. However, I have two little sisters on my father’s side.

I started writing when I was near eight years old. I was mostly writing scripts and poems. I was always excited, and I became very passionate about what I do. It was either the entertainment industry or childhood education. When I was ten I use to have lots of kids from the neighborhood that did not go to school in my backyard. I showed them what I had learned, taught them to read and write, etc.

I believe that education should be free everywhere in the world, to give kids opportunities to learn. This book is about me and about you. I wanted to create poems that people can relate to, inspiring them in knowing they are not alone. That someone also went through the same thing. I want this to be my first step to a writing career and a way to be a voice for the younger generation. To do something for my country, the part of Haiti that people have forgotten exists.

I want to become a foster mother to as many children as I can, whether in New York or in Haiti. I want to give them hope and love, a home and care. I will continue making books, hopefully chapters to encourage people to read, and to promote the job that I am about to do for my country. If there's one thing I could erase in this world it would be crime, because I want people to live longer and happier, without fear.

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